FestiVin in Caraquet or Wine Tourism in Canada

The world-famous "wine" provinces of Bordeaux and Burgundy, Chablis, and Champagne are very popular among tourists. And this is quite understandable: having paid from 1,400 dollars, you go to the holy of holies for an exquisite drink. At Acadian Peninsula, you can taste expensive wine straight from the barrel, listen to amazing stories of hereditary winemakers, admire the simple but bewitching beauty of the vineyards.

Benefits of Wine Tourism

Only personal taste matters in wine tourism. You do not need to take an exam for a taster and prove something to someone. True, the real pleasure of a trip to a province famous for its wine can only be received by those who treat it sublimely. Wine is not just an alcoholic drink. After all, the charm of such tours lies precisely in the numerous tastings and stories. 

Benefits of Wine Tourism:

  1. Specially organized trips for groups of amateurs or professionals from among the owners of restaurants, wine merchants, etc.
  2. Trips of this kind noticeably include the beach holiday, and also the city or sightseeing tour.
  3. The long breaks allow you to personally visit the most diverse historical wineries and wine cellars of the country.
  4. For the convenience of tourists, world-famous events are organized, such as FestiVin in Caraquet.

As a rule, the wine tour program is designed for a period of five days to a week. The reason is simple: it is difficult to drink complex wines filled with a wide variety of aromas and bouquets for long - even just a little bit. There are also very short excursions - for two or three days, usually they go on weekends.

It should be noted that wine tours vary significantly depending on the composition of their participants. Professionals choose individual specialized programs. And many tourists simply consider tastings as one of the entertainments. Without the event, it will not be possible to comprehend the flavor of the country.

Entertainment During the Wine Tour

If your wine tasting tour involves a long stay in another city or country, it can get boring during breaks. In order not to waste time, we offer:

  • Explore the surroundings. If you are in a new location, check out the local sights. You can take a city tour or build your own route. If this is a small country, then you can enjoy the beauty of the local nature and have a picnic.
  • Gastronomy. The local cuisine may surprise you. Especially if you are in Canada for the first time. Try national dishes or ask locals to recommend something to you. This can be one of the most enjoyable steps out of your comfort zone.
  • Online casino. Oddly enough, many travelers play online casinos to win back money for a tour. This is a pleasant and useful pastime. , for example, is completely legal and safe in Canada. By choosing Jet Casino, you can not only get extra money but also spend it on a new tour, extending your vacation.

The most important thing about such trips is that you will bring not only pleasant impressions and new knowledge but also rare drinks from the tour. They can be put in a personal cellar or put in your favorite bar. In this way, you will enjoy the divine taste for long evenings. And even better if you remember a wonderfully spent eventful time. Who knows, maybe one of them will give you the idea to own your own vineyard.